About Us

Hawkesbury Petfoods is based in Mulgrave NSW near Windsor. We have a variety of products to suit dogs,cats,birds,rabbit and guinea pigs and snakes.

Our main products are our fresh and frozen meats packaged conveniently in 1kg bags. Beef minces from budget to premium, roo mince, lamb mince, chicken mince, necks, wings, turkey necks. Fresh and frozen meaty bones of beef and lamb brisket, lamb necks, mutton flaps, marrow bones and shanks. Green Tripe.Our main premium dry dog food is Blackhawk holistic dog biscuit with added emu oil and we have lots of other dry foods coprice, boss dog, delish, bonnie, supercoat and lots more.

We have a large supply of dried dog treats that are all australian made, pigs ears,pig trotters, pig snouts, roo sticks, roo tails.

We sell bulk bird seeds or packed in bags of 500g, 1kg, 2kg, or 5kg. Also a wide variety of bird accessories, toys, perches, seed treats and nest boxes in all sizes.

We also supply mice, rats and quails frozen for our customers with snakes.

Our vet lines cover fleas, ticks, worms, heartworm and shampoos. Some of the brands we supply comfortis, panoramis, advantix, advocate, advantage, sentinel, revolution, heartguard, fenpral, drontal and lots more.

We have lots of dog and cat leads, collars, harnesses, hessian sacks and hessian beds, washable mattresses, toys and food bowls, cat litters, breeders choice, ozpet, fussy cat attapulgite and mistys.

Koi fish food packed in bulk or smaller bags, flakes for tropical and goldfish.

Also supply small bags of shavings, straw and lucerne. We are a distributor of delete Deodarant disenfectant great for kennels, stables and catteries.